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New Master Control Memovox And Memovox Timer By Jaeger-LeCoultre

Although it's one of the more straightforward horological complications, the alarm function is still rare among modern timepieces. Then again, most fake watch complications are obsolete these days. We can use our phones instead of a chronograph, a moon-phase, triple date, and, of course, timekeeper. But watchmaking is not always about practicality. Sometimes it's about style and tradition. And what could be more stylish than a mechanical alarm? Specifically, a Master Control Memovox by Jaeger-LeCoultre?/p>

The Vallée de Joux, where JLC resides, represents the unspoiled and peaceful nature, Switzerland is famous for. It was here, where during the long winter months, watchmakers of the valley developed and perfected chiming watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre has been a forerunner in chiming timepieces, let that be a more straightforward alarm or a minute repeater. In 2020 the brand celebrates The Sound Maker, paying homage to the valley, its watchmakers, and their chiming watches.


One of the most famous models of Jaeger-LeCoultre is the Memovox line. With its 70 years of history, the brand released several different versions, with one thing in common ?they all had the alarm complication. The Memovox story started in the late 1940s, the post-war era, and the dawn of economic boom. Life sped up. New industries grew. Cities expanded. The world's pace changed. Jaeger-LeCoultre wished to serve this era by developing a timepiece that offered a useful function.

Although the mechanical alarm complication draws inspiration from early minute repeaters, it is a much simpler system. It served a far more practical purpose, too. It was an ideal assistant to the "modern?man. In those days, that image was of a besuited businessman, always on the move. As times changed, so too did the Memovox aesthetic, but the line always remained tethered to the original somehow. This year, a brand-new generation of Master Control Memovox is being born. Inspiration comes from the 1950s.


Both the Master Control Memovox and Master Control Memovox Timer are continuing the tradition of offering useful auxiliary functions in an aesthetically pleasing package. Both replica watches exude the charm of 1950's style but have clearly been brought up to date. One area in which that is patently obvious is the case back?/p>

Vintage Memovox timepieces had a closed steel case back. Back then, the gong was part of the back. On these two new models, the watchmakers at Jaeger-LeCoultre reworked the self-winding caliber 956. For the first time, the new Master Control case comes with a sapphire display back. The wearer can finally admire the beautifully decorated movement. Also, we can enjoy the view of the alarm function in action. While the case and especially the back received some upgrades, one thing stays the same. The unmistakable "school bell?sound of the alarm for which the Memovox is known.

Master Control Memovox

The uncluttered and elegant dials of the ?0s are reborn through this new model ?brushed surfaces, applied indexes, and the signature mid-century Memovox look. Subtle but essential nods to the vintage model such as the Dauphine hour and minute hands and the blue steel second hand complete the look. A 40mm steel case with a thickness of only 12.3mm keeps proportions appropriately classic. JLC's 956 caliber beats inside the new Memovox. This is an automatic movement with 45 hours of power reserve. The distinct alarm function and a date at 3 o'clock are the complications.

Master Control Memovox Timer

Jaeger-LeCoultre added many useful features to the Memovox line throughout its history. Fleeting fancies such as the world time-zone indicator or the parking-meter reminder have had their day in the sun. This time, we have yet another complication to add to the list ?the Timer.

Look at it as a countdown function. The owner can set the time for the duration of a meeting, for example. If the Master Control Memovox has the elegance of the ?0s, the Timer possesses the boldness of the modern era. Two shades of blue and concentric rings on the dial encircle a beautiful silver sunray center circle. The case size is the same as the standard Memovox model, offering two very different looks in one very wearable package. If you wish to visit Jaeger-LeCoultre's website, please follow this link.

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